Needed Help For A Gamemode called Flood Mod

Hi guys,i just wanted to shout out that i am in need help for a working gamemode called flood mod
i need a lua coder is familiar with the flood gamemode and someone how can hud edit etc.
If you are interested in helping me finish this gamemode you will receive around 10-15 pounds(depends were you live like dollars etc) plz fell free to write useful comments below
you can add me to steam via~:rio548 for more info
i really need help with this gamemode as it is a one of chance for you to get some cash.
i need this gamemode to be perfect as i am gonna start a server using the flood gamemode when it is done
you may also get a admin on server aswell as 10-15 dollars. :smiley:

Just wondering…
Is it a replica of the old and well-known Flood gamemode, or is it something completely different?
Post some more info about the gamemode if you really want people to know what they’ll have to do.

well it is gonna start of with a simple flood mod i have and the lua coder i get we will edit, like make it look better add more features etc just like in the post changing huds etc… its gonna be like the old 1 but better if you get what i mean