needed Item

Hello, I have been playing rust for a while now, and 1 thing I would like to see would be a Firepit or BBQ grill, something like the Large furnace is for the small furnace… the camp fire just isnt big enough when you have a larger base and people running around

i’d rather they made it that you could cook in the furnaces;) cooks faster, more space. also risks burning the meat a little bit more easily. it’s already in game, so all they need to do is alter the plugins for the furnace a little.

One of the dev blogs had concepts of a fireplace or something for inside your base.

would be nice to see. I would like hunger and cooking to be a bigger part of the game, maybe different meals can give slight temporary boosts. Much better than snarfing down all the wolf meat we can and be fine forever.

Cooking Pots, Large Grills, different meals giving different boosts. Whatever next? Dinosaurs?

Put a grill over a campfire.

Boom instant grill

most of those are good ideas, making different meals do different things would over complicate the game at this stage, I would just rather have something that allows the cooking of 4 or 5 stacks of wolf meat at a time quick and easy