Needed: Vacation system to stop house decay.

Is there a system to stop house decay while on vacation?
Before anyone saids have a friend reset it. I’m one of those solo players.
On the server I been playing on the decay start after two days of no reset.

That’s the point of this game, I think. You kinda have to be there and play it, almost like an alternate life. This isn’t your ordinary bland first person shooter (Like Call of Duty) where you can just hop on, play a half hour and then be done. I feel like this game needs constant attention.

So much attention that…

it’s affecting my relationship. :tinfoil:

Yeah. Go find a server with custom settings like that because on any populated server your unused building just causes unnecessary load of the bandwidth. Imagine on a highly populated server 20 guys play for 3 days, build one house each and then leave. Another 20 players join and do the same. The houses dont decay fast enough and soon the server is fucking stuffed with buildings.

thats a bit sad man

I’m talking about something that we can use or load up with supplies that would extend the decay for up to two weeks. Maybe a special box that you would load up with X number of wood and iron to extend the decay period. Make it a high number to make it rare. Also once you put the wood and iron in you can’t take it out. That way if you get raided they will get your stuff but won’t be able to pull the wood and iron from this box. Just an idea.

There are servers out there that are no decay

I know and they are full of empty houses. I’m looking for something that would keep the server clean but also allow for real life.

then just like in real life you have someone keep an eye on your house when you are away

The decay time could be per user, based on ownership, and only activated when in-game. That could be possible using Oxide’s flags and a few changes to the decay control addon. Even so, you’d need to find a server that would implement it, or wait for it to possibly become part of the game.

The other problem is that it would defeat the self-cleaning feature of decay on servers, which is actually quite a novel idea.

Find a buddy, team up. Even if you don’t wanna let him in just add a 1X1 room on the outside with a door and ask him to open/close it for ya.