Needing a coder for DarkRP PLEASE READ

Ok guys I am new to Facepunch I have a problem with my dev he thought that he was always right and left, regardless of that
Gmadgaming has a DarkRP server that we need a dev for and on that we are looking for a new Community co-owner to join the ranks with me and my friend Nasser…
I really need help with this as I am in general very busy allot of the time, so I can not do the custom stuff my self…we just need something to set us aside different from others
because we have our own website that we want to make use of…so please if your interested add me on STEAM my name is xXBaronXx#trend
and I would alos like you to add me on

How much will you pay me?

EDIT:I forgot to mention, I will pay nothing I am offering even better you can take part in owning the server, just need someone who wants to help run the community so we can get more servers…

Darkrp is the easiest gamemode to code. I coded a full server with weapons,donator classes and weapons only donators could buy, admin settings, custom money printers, and all that. Started with no knowledge, and I only used an hour of my time each day. Just don’t be so lazy.

Always keep a backup, read some tutorials (make sure they are using code for the newer gmod) and just fuck around with lua till you get the hang of it.

If I was a 14 year old who was able to do all of that, you should too.

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LOL Good luck finding someone. Nobody wants to code and in return co own a server.

Yeah, well I refuse to work unless you pay me. This is probably why your previous developer left. Co-owning a server is worth jack shit because I can easily host my own server.

Look, your missing the point…I struggle to find 10 minutes DarkRP is not a gamemode that pleases me…I know how to do it…but I am offering my job up to someone else to help…I know LUA and am fluent with coding I just asking if people are willing not what you did in your spare time…wish people concentrated on the title not what they think…

I am concentrating on the title. You’re trying to pick up a slave to code for you. Well, you won’t be finding any free labour on Facepunch. We will not be your whore.

Also nightmare if your not going to work fine your not getting a penny hence why I offered a owner position, second off he left because he didn’t like the fact that we should discuss big decisions together as owners that we are, we did pay we gave him popularity credited his work made his own area of website but it was not good enough he has to think he is right %100 of the times, sorry if I come across as rude I am very tired right now and after the night I just had it’s testing my patience…

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Well if you actually read I said I would be giving them ownership of the community, I will help with the coding but expect him to do a bit more than me…so if your not going to do it…I don’t care on anything else you have to say…

I feel bad for you if you don’t have 10 minutes out of your day.

When I was a freshmen I took algebra 2 and was in all 10th-11th grade classes, and was in 2 different soccer leagues but I was still able to use my spare time to run a fully operational server.

And another thing to add, I changed it to ownership, yea you could host your own, but a free server rather than money from your own pocket, I know what I think sounds better…

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I struggle to find 10 minutes because I am caught up working on a Half-Life 2 RP server, because DarkRP just is boring to me…

If people here wanted to own a community, they would damn well host it themselves.

I’m basically saying you aren’t going to find anyone on Facepunch who’ll take over your community and do all the dirty work for you.

Nobody wants ownership to a small community with… A WEBSITE???

Actually, I can already host my servers for free. I have my own dedicated server box. I just have good to host at the moment.

May I say now, I with held some information, forums dead because they just got put back up, and on the Original forums before this we Had Half-Life 2 RP which we had over 123 members which is good for HL2RP considering LemonPunch takes all the players…

Aim for the moon if you miss you will land with two shit servers

I highly doubt that, and it’s really easy to get 100+ members on your forum. LemonPunch don’t take all the players, they just take a large majority of them.

Well are you even affecting any one with that information no, it’s not about what you can do. I guarantee not everyone has there own “Server box” hence why Paid hosts are around, as I said I am sorry if I come across as rude I really have no energy left after today it’s 03:39 in the UK

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Make a HL2RP server get over 100+ members which around 85% of them are active at different times…and come back and PM me when you have done, as I see that as impossible.

All were saying is that nobody wants to code for ownership of a small darkrp server barely anybody knows about

HL2RP is shit, anyway. So’s DarkRP. A large amount of this community despise both of them.

Hence why I said add me on SKYPE or STEAM and I will let them know, I have had good coders who are good at what they do work for free before so it’s not impossible I asked you both said no, so if you don’t have anything that works in my favor to say then why keep replying…it’s about needing a coder not if you 2 want to do it or not…