Needing a creepy ass citadel model.


So i’m about to start working on a Garry’s Mod comic taking place in the Half-Life universe (I know, original… shut the fuck up)

Now the comic takes place in a different city called “Angel Light” or “City 82”

It looks kinda like this
Notice: The lack of a fucking citadel

Now i could use the regular citadel model and be done with it.
But a shiny million story alien skyscraper just isn’t good enough for me!

What i would like to use is one of Viktor’s concept versions

Now this wouldn’t be a problem if i had a model… which i don’t…

I’m sure there might be some map out there that has this in a skybox somewhere, but i need a skybox PROP
Not full size, hell no. Just skybox size!

If anyone can point me to one, or ya know… make one… please?

That would be nice.



pretty sure it would have the leak citadel in it, no idea though, haven’t looked at the models quite yet

It might have one of the older one’s but i think the version i’m wanting was scrapped before they even made the model. but i donno.

I’ll look.

I only know of 2 versions from the leak, this sucky brush one:

And this decent looking one, which I have in my old leak model pack I assembled (which no longer exists).

Ignore the random offshoot, it’s a different model.
If you want some darker, leak-related models for your comic, check out the leak pack I compiled and this workshop collection.

(just me thinking out loud here) have you tried making your own? i’m not talking about a new model from scratch. i mean, like, combining things to the current existing one? things like: random pipes coming out of it, or something similar. and doing it In-game, not in some fancy program

What? Expecting enginuity out of people who would rather whine about having a model instead? Absurd.

It would take a while, and i’m scared that trying to dupe it would mess up the build.

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You say that pack doesn’t exist anymore? If you have the file laying around somewhere can you upload it again? Because that’s PERFECT

Have at it.


This is great! Thank you!