needing a gmod movie master :P

hey every gmod movie maker professionel (beginners) i am doing/trying to make pandora/na’vi tree (for those who dont know it is. it’s from the avatar movie) and re-skin the na’vi people but i maked this thread to here if anyone would like to make a short avatar movie or something like that in gmod?? my email is if any interrest or questions to this.

hope i didnt make this thread the wrong place.

I’ll be willing to make one once someone comes out with some models for it. I had this awesome idea in mind for it, I’m going to have them all get drilled in the face by a Big Daddy. It will be a short simple video to show my appreciation of the movie Avatar. I can’t get started until I get some legit models.

if i can get my re-skin program to work im gonna change the skin color of the citizins of half life if that can work

Kurit can you honestly not spot the gimmick in this thread?

I know what’s the gimmick. It’s


You’re a master at thread shitstorms.

Faolco1, please don’t even try to refute it this is one of those threads that is created every week or two just for “lols”
This guy just registered, he makes a thread that has 0 intelligent “movie masta please :P”
“re-skin program plez”

I really would avoid posting in this thread, because in my opinion I would consider it a ban-me.

all of you just think this is for fun… seriously get a life i mean this seriously im a big avatar fan and just want to make a movie but i sucks to gmod that all more you want to know


you just think this a gimmick?? what will you have me to change the name "gmod movie maker wanted)?? or what… ohh and for my “re-skin programs” GCFscape and VTFedit… check this vid out and you will see i mean it seriuosly /watch?v=2rKpnCKuchE

No offense, but your spelling, wording, and your join date and post, make it seem like you joined just for this thread, which is a common thing people do.
“movie master” please…
Also people don’t make movies for you, not how it works around here man.

First you criticise me for reviewing a movie, now you’re criticising this guy for making a suggestion. Kind of reminds me of someone who likes to troll. You just go from thread to thread making your remarks. It isn’t any real surprise that you came here to remark like that. You and Max aren’t being any real asset to this community, you don’t even review videos properly so why post on them? This current suggestion we’re on you didn’t even bother to acknowledge his idea. All you did was criticise him for making a suggestion, you’re no better than any clueless person on these forums when all you do is talk shit to people.

If the thread is good, and has content, Then ill give a review and not point out his obvious mistakes/ thread gimmick.

No good movie has been posted in the last week (including yours) so there not much to review.

Also stop being a hypocrite, all you do is bitch and bitch and avoid criticism and reality kurit.


This thread is either
A: a gimmick, tale tale signs, New user, pretty stupid comment, you don’t make request for movies kurit its a waste of time. Horrible wording. Hilarious tittle.

B: Low intelligent user, this ties into his wording and request.

Im leaning towards A, because if its B I lose a little faith in humanity.

I want to keep my little faith.

Reminds me of a common GMF forum and ofiy post.

Guys, come on. There’s a 50% chance this user is below the age of 14, and there’s a 50% he’s a troll/gimmick user.
Professional beginner movie maker? He doesn’t have any proof of a script and is probably ‘the idea guy’ in the video.
I can’t end this post without saying he’s a ‘avatard’.

We don’t give reviews on the basis of the possibility of a thread being good. Weather it has content or not is a given on weather you should review it or not. Weather this guy is a troll or a kid is irrelevant, without any real proof, your accusations can be disregarded. There is one thing that is evident in this thread and it is your indecent out of control remarks. Any video on here that someone spends a decent amount of time on deserves a review, there is your unconstructive criticism you have to fix before you should be reviewing anyones video or even commenting in this forum in the first place. You have a tendency to remark on anything people say or do and I honestly believe your negative intentions are very unorthodox, ineffective, and unproductive.
You next called me a Hypocrite. Let’s see how you handle constructive criticism on your videos.

It’s all right on the English, Frenchman, war video of yours. If anyone wants to see the full argument they can look it up on page two. As I was saying, it’s pretty evident you are trying to avoid criticism in your above quote, a clear example. You continue to amaze me Scout how you can honestly live believing you are doing any sort of good in this community. The proof is all over, you admitted to being a troll

you call people names, harass people, and make fun of their work, I have yet to see you say anything really postive or constructive in any way in the few weeks I’ve known you. Here is your first comment to me while I was reviewing Max’s video GHOSTS:

My first impression of you told me a lot about you and it is in no way surprising.

It amazes me how half of those quotes are not even real and can’t even be found on the forum.

not that hard buddy.

You also realize the C&C on EFW was being trolled by HWE right?
and I accepted the criticism and explained why there was a problem, but I didn’t keep bumping the thread for weeks on end like you did with your last release.

I also don’t stray off topic, the topic we are talking about how this is a gimmick thread, or one posted by a very… well special user.
And I think its funny kurit on how you can even defend his request and fail to see the gimmick/Lack of intelligence. It almost shows your lack of logic and intelligence.

Its also humorous how you said something along the lines of

but you seem to jump on this gimmicks request faster then a head crabs humping a unsuspecting victim.


Also according to your logic, we should review every thread.
Ok let me review this thread…

You have a good gimmick, you get 4/5 for tricking kurit into it.
You may want to work on your defense though… not… believable…
Next time to do a gimmick please accumulate a high post count so you can be taken remotely seriously thus equally more gimmick victims

Kurit go review this

Tell me that honestly is deserving a review.
Doesn’t mean shit post, but there is some things that don’t need C&C.
More like tell them they need to start all over and go review their next video.

Half of the quotes aren’t even true, you never cease to amaze me, Scout. How did you come up with that estimate when I named off 3 quotes? Unfornately they are all real quotes by you and you apparently can’t keep track of what you’re typing on your own computer. Quote one was on your Englishman, Frenchman, War video as I said, the last two were your private messages to me in regards to me critiquing Max’s video: Ghosts. You’re right, you did accept how much you failed on your video, not before you were literally raped and spat on by the public who was commenting on how much the video was a letdown to its trailer and the poor use of the voice recordings.

I’m not defending anybody, Scout. I’m pointing out how unethical you are with your posts. I never once said you should review everythread, I believe you’re the one missquoting here, Sir. The way you continue to talk, you are actually further proving my point on how negative and unproductive you really are. Your comments reflect on how desperate you are also. I have to say though, you denying your own quotes, now that was classic. By this point I’m still wondering what your stand point is: you’re basicly just harassing someone because they suggested an idea… for what reason do you think you have any say over anyone’s suggestions? You’re arguing so you can force your word over this guy who is only trying to suggest an idea. You’re harassing him… What I’m trying to do is tell you to be more mature with the way you comment. What really makes you think you are even being the slightest bit decent?

Map is already made:

yea and if you check one of the comments chilyman is me and i would like to make a movie with the map or something like that and im 14 years old and from denmark so ofcourse im not master in english. and everyone critizise me for “re-skin” i found out how to “re-color” not to re-skin my mistake sry… and just for fun make a avatar movie or something like that in gmod and i maked this thread so i/me and the people who wanted to join/help making this (fun) movie. but because im a NOOB to making movies in gmod i would like to have someone to help me thats why “needing a gmod movie master” not because i am one but because i could use some help to making the movie and just for fun see the outcome and maybe youtube with credits and so on but if no one would help or just giving some tips to make the movie then please dont comment or at lease dont just come in to critizise me for spelling please…

I have to remember this is kurit, the guy we all dubbed to be “clueless” Or the “brick wall”

My man you just keep… stop digging your hole, it only makes you look more and more like a troll man


Once again Scout, you’re only further proving my point, you still failed to prove that you’re not harassing people and making immature comments. You don’t have any real grounds for your accusations, you’re just saying stuff. I have pratically a whole library of your remarks to go off of. While all you do is continue to argue your points against me with no real agenda, you’re arguing pointlessly. Your whole reason for disagreeing is just so unethical, it makes no sense how you think I’m trolling, I review and comment on the topic in every video and right now I’m trying to tell you you’re trolling. The last time you said I was talking shit I was only recommending a review out of you. You deny your own quotes and you continue to talk shit in such an unorganised manner with no real goals, you just comment to harass people. For once, try looking at your own comments sometime.