Needing help with a custom prop material

Basicly I’ve made a swep that shoots a custom prop which also has it’s own material and I was thinking about uploading it for my friends to download and mess about with, here’s a screenshot of the content in the workshopper.

The problem is the prop it shoots even with the material mounted (to my knowledge), reverts to the black and purple checkerboard as you can see here

Yes those are would be testacles which the swep fires and hopefully with your help they can have their golden shine.


EDIT: I’ve managed to attach the material successfully I think but I’m met with this error “ERROR: Compressed vertices in use but material does not support them!”

And this weird side effect, an invisible prop which is unaltered upon firing from my swep.

Not very clear. Did this work before you workshopped it?
If not, we need code.