Needing Help with DarkRP, Small problems!

Hello, I’m very close to launching my DarkRP server but I’m running into small problems, which are actually major. I’ve searched online and I can’t seem to find answers to them…

So… here we go

I’m using ULX admin mod
Running on a VPS

  1. Players are able to use their own colors with the jobs model, how do I stop this?
  2. When the team “POLICE” try to request a warrant, they get a error “You need to be a member of the police force” Same with making people wanted.
  3. FastDL is not downloading cars but is downloading other addons.
  5. Disabling when typing “hi” you hear voices same with cheese or something
  6. Custom Scoreboard, need something that can show more information than the default one. Need it to show ranks Tried installing this: Didn’t work.

I had more questions, I’ll add more later maybe.
So can anybody help me?
Their doesn’t seem to be that much information online, I’ve done a lot of work for the server but it’s little things that is stopping me.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

  1. What?
  3. Add your cars to the download list.
  4. Why would you want those? That’s basically cheating.

Oh wow, awesome answer! Also, number 1, On my server when a player switches to a job, let’s say dealer, they change to orange in the tab, but their models clothes don’t change orange like they should.

Also, what do you mean by download list?

What you mean is Physgun and playermodel colour.
(Holding C)

No, I mean I need jobs to force change the player models color. I’ve seen it done before.

With scripts, yes.
DarkRP and Gmod on its own allows people to change there colours.

Do you know of what script I would need, or where I can get one?