Needing Photos - Police Station's

Im needing some reference photos of a police station.

I am mostly looking for parking areas, front of station and maybe some inside shots but anything will do.

I dont want just any old boring looking stations. Im looking for nice detailed and good looking stations 

Google Street View might be a clever solution.

Why dont you find them yourself? Use Google Images.

Ive been trying but not turned up with alot of images. Also Tanner thats a good idea, got any police stations that you know of with a nice quirky/modern look to them?

Isn’t that the same layout as Dallas’ police hq

and if this is your first map it’ll fail horribly just please don’t post it here

Its a Police station in the UK as far as I am aware.

the Jack Evans police headquarters, it looks almost identical to just one wing of that building, never mind then

but hey, the more you know

Here’s some images I got on Google.

I tried to find good ones. I hope these are okay.

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I REALLY hope you’re joking.

Anyone can see he is joking.

Yeah, I thought so but you never know with the Internet.

It’s legos, How much more obvious could it be?

Police station. Not town hall.

That is the old police station. Survived the war, now its left to rot.

Anything police related has been stripped off, even the blue police lamp. But is a great looking building anyway.

Certainly has more soul then anything else that’s been posted.

We have a old police station in our town. But the good thing is they still use it.

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But im looking for modern

Modern enough?
This is the main police HQ here where I live.

Very Very nice. But its way to big.