Needing some battlefront 2015 models please

Hey guys, I’ve been looking around for some models I need for a project. All of which come from the ea star wars battlefront

if anyone can supply me with the jetpacks and those turrets I’d really appreciate it. Textures and rigs aren’t needed and I’d prefer it if its an obj or an fbx file since I use maya
I understand this thread exists but I don’t own the game so it isn’t of much use to me

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I didn’t see the new star wars thread but I looked through about 20 pages and didn’t find the turrets in the old one. I’ll keep searching and get back to you if I can’t find them (because there are about 100 pages it will take a while) thank you for taking the time to get me the jetpacks though I really appreciate it.

Edit: Hey I’d just like you to know I came across the jetpacks in that massive thread you linked (apparently I just had to keep searching) hopefully I find the turrets as well

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So i looked at that massive 126 page thread and the only turrets I found were these and I didn’t find a download link. so if anyone has what I need I’d really appreciate it.

Awesome stuff

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awesome, would love to know when its available

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looks great man! keep me updated

Whatever extraction script you’re using is working better than mine. I have no problem pulling out all of the meshes, but I’m not as lucky with the textures. About 50% of the time, the converted DDS is garbage, usually only ~43kb. From what I’ve been reading over at XeNTaX, sounds like it’s a known issue with the extraction script, and not the iTexture converter.