Needs a Simple Model for a Garry's Mod Machinima. Yes, Credit for the model will go to you. PLUS some TF2 items.

Hey guys I need this model for a gmod series me and my friends are making and if you could do it we’d really appreciate it and you’d be credited in literally every single episode of the series thanks!

Heres my steam profile add me if you can do it

Didn’t you already make a thread about this…?

Yes, but I was hoping this time I wouldn’t get jerk offs saying no in such an asshole way.

Congratulations, you just got more.

Fuck off and don’t spam here, mapgeneration v3.

No, you fuck off. I’m asking a simple question which is what this website is for, and yet, I get cunts like you abusing me. Don’t get mad over a question.

How about editting a facemap instead of making a whole model?

no one cares about getting credit from a video that will get 10 views those views being your friends.
TF2 items are also worthless, how about you throw some money toward the people doing the real work.

BTW let me take a guess at you little video series ideas… its your personal skin shooting metro npcs and zombies while “Two Steps from Hell” plays as a theme song isn’t it?

I’m not ‘abusing’ you, in case you haven’t noticed each page per forum allows a LIMITED number of threads, and I don’t know what gave you the idea that cluttering said limited number with the same thread two hundred and fifty times was a smart thing to do, but I’ll break that mindset quick with; IT FUCKING ISN’T. If anything, you’re abusing us in terms of generosity. You only have fifteen fucking TF2 items, only one is tradeable and frankly, credit isn’t enough.

Well, you were given a pretty clear answer in the previous thread by someone who wasn’t being a jerk. They also answered your question about face mapping.

Unless you’re willing to pay money for someone else’s effort, it’s not likely that you’ll get the model you are wanting to have made.

Also, I’d avoid raging on Facepunch. Just because someone gives you a rude comment in your thread, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can be an ass back to them. Just ignore them and go about your business like usual.

404 not found

I wouldn’t mind that either. But people won’t do that either.

Of course people won’t do it.

When they read the rest of your posts, they will not even bother in this thread.

If you want a model so bad learn how to make one.

Ocerak, for gods sake, listen. We can’t or wont do your model for free because it’s too bloody complicated. The only way you’re getting it done is paying people. Can’t you get that fact through your thick skull?

Facemaps are difficult too, so I have a little suggestion for you, Ocerak.

Step one: Stop ignoring the posts that are trying to help you.
Step two: Stop spamming threads.
Step three: Get the fuck off of Facepunch if you class it as “Abusing.”

Nimaratu, what is the model anyway?

It’s a 404, so I can’t see. it was this.

When I say complicated, I mean that he wants us to make a brand new model or facemap of this dude, when he could have just used one of the citizens. I’m a tad confused as to why he’d do that.

Oh god.

Who is that?

Digging through Google and finding a wiki (which happened to be the source of the image), the person in that image is an actor named Wes Ramsey.

Okay, how about a deal, if you never, ever create more than one thread for the same request again, I’ll do a facemap for you. When I say facemap I mean the two dimensional texture that goes on the model’s “face”, not a new model for the head. I can do textures for clothing as well, but nothing too fancy, as I have a life and you’re asking for something that many people usually pay for. Now, first of all, you need to post a link to an image that isn’t a 404 error, and preferably a good reference, and multiple angles of said face if you can provide them. Again, I will only do this if you promise to never repost like this, for the good of yourself and everyone else on this forum.

EDIT: Okay, found the image, I can probably shop it onto erdim’s head. First though, you must swear to our agreement, and keep your end or fear the future prospects of breaking an agreement made on Facepunch.