[Needs UV-mapping, some oddities] Wildstar - raw model rip

Hey hey. Found a way to extract models from Wildstar. Some of them are a little broken (i.e. the female Mechari have a hole in their chest for some reason), but I though I’d share them for anyone who’s got the know-how to apply textures to the models - and to work UV-maps.


What’s in the folders/.rars;

Filetypes included in the rip;

How this came to be;

Here’s the link to the Mega-folder;

Just as a side-note, I uploaded it all as .rars because of one simple fact; for whatever reason, these files pack really well. They are literally 1/10th of the size (from 8GB+ to just under 900MB). Of course, no password is required to open them.

That’s awesome, Hey do the weapons and armor and stuff man.