Negative colors script

I need a script that makes the color negative, freezes time, freezes the other players on the server and makes them unable to turn for 5 seconds. It also should only be able to be activated after a kill :confused:
I know it may be hard, but I need it for a little Video-project, and no, it’s not supposed to be Za Warudo, even though it basically is…

Seriously guys, I know it’s possible, I have almost done it in console, the only thing I need is the thing that locks it untill you have a kill and the negative color thing.
Stop being douchebags D’:

Calling people that could potentially help you douchebags is not going to speed anything up.

That’s what I said too!


Anyway, It would be helpful if you guys atleast could respond, saying “NO WE HAET YOU ARGH” instead of just not helping…

Anyway, I am making a youtube video now to show you what I have done myself, but theres still some things I need to get done by you guys. If you wonder what that could be then read my previous post

I am starting to think you guys don’t like me because of my avatar D:
But I digress, I’ll just make a new one


Made a new one, can we be friends noaw? :3

First we need post processing script, which i would like to play with standalone

Shut up and code for him, douchebag!

You do it, douchebag!

Just post the freaking thing you did in console and stop calling people douchebags because you’re intolerant!

You all need to shut up and make me the fucking code!!
Douchebags! :smiley:

Seriously, why does this take so long, it can’t really be the most advanced shit to script

Say please.

And then find someone who is interested in creating that. :smile:
The requests forum is basically an idea pool for coders, you post yours in there and hope someone will pick it up and give you credit for it. If it doesn’t interest anyone it won’t ever get done.

Well, it’s useful for ZOMBIE VISION OMFG.
And I really do not want any credit for it, so stop expecting me to be a douchebag!
I have done a lot of work on my own, this is the last step in my mod, and for some reason no-one will help me :open_mouth:
I don’t know LUA, but I’m pretty sure that this isn’t exactly the hardest thing to script!
Seriously, here:

r = -255 r
g = -255 g
b = -255 b

Now just find a place to put that. I’ll give a fucking cookie to the first one douchebag who manages to make my shit.

Hey look! I got off my lazy ass and searched post processing in the wiki.

We need a “let me gmod wiki that for you” website.


Oh and since it’s so hard for anyone to find it since they’re asking people to basically search it for themselves here’s how color modification is used in Sandbox :


Oh and yes, now I’m going to call you a douchebag, just because you worked hard on your own gamemode doesn’t mean others have a duty to help you out. Note you still haven’t said please.

Dude… I don’t speak LUA, so I still don’t know where to put the code -.-
Sorry about not knowing ANYTHING about EVERYTHING. Douchebag

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It’s ok I forgive you. :smile:

Ok, I found out how to code that shit, wasn’t so hard after all, but where am I supposed to put the file? And how do I bind it to a button?

You can put your script inside a file and place it in garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/autorun/ It will then be ran at the start of each map.

Note that since this has to be a clientside script you will have to tell the server to send that script to the clients so that they can run it. You can do this by adding the following at the top of your script :

if SERVER then return end --Ends execution of the script here for the server so there are no errors.[/lua]

To bind it to a button the simplest way would be for you to make a console command out of it.

[lua]function InverseColors( ply, cmd, args)
– Fancy color inversion code goes here

concommand.Add( “inversecolors”, InverseColors)[/lua]

So, the console command is “Inversecolors”, right?
Also, thank you very much for actually helping me!
Oh, and I guess the code for enabling the code is “inversecolors 1” and disable is “inversecolors 0”, right?

You’ll have to code that part yourself, it does nothing for you. The third argument to concommand.Add is a table of the arguments supplied to the function. So in this case args[1] will contain the word or number right after your console command. So knowing that in your code you can check if args[1] is equal to “1” or “0” and act accordingly.

You know the douchebag thing was a joke, right?
Anyway, thanks for the support, but I’m still a little confused about the whole thing! Could you please help me out here?


Well, I’ll continue with this tomorrow, I need to get some MOTHERFUCKING sleep.
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