Negative Review of Multiplay :: [Ravens]-TP-25xGATHER-50xSMELT-BetterLoot-NoDecay-

I fully understand and absolutely agree its completely up to the server owner how they’d like to run their servers, but I also feel that as a user its up to us to list the pro’s or con’s of playing on any particular server so the player base can make an informed decision on which server is best for them.

This server has what is in my humble opinion an extremely serious con. It seems the admins like to use their powers to get into people’s bases to attack them.

As I said, if that’s how they want to run their server, that’s up to them. They can do whatever they want, and I didn’t waste my time arguing with them about how to run their server, I simply left.

However, I wanted to post my review of their server so other people could avoid feeling like they wasted their time on that server. I spent nearly a week on their server, which I feel was pointless once I discovered what they were doing to other people. So if my review saves any other players some wasted effort, I think I’ve served my purpose.

I do think its important for players to post review of servers, so we know which ones are fun and why, and which ones might not be to your play style. This particular one does not suit my play style obviously.

What’s the difference between a mulitplay server vs others?

I’ve found some private servers are run by kids so it’s best to shop around. I’ll stay away from that one.

Multiplay appears to be the name of game server rental company these kids use, you’ll see it ass part of the name of many servers.

On that note, if anyone can recommend a server with the following mods (I’m a mature grandfather who doesn’t work and plenty of time to play 24/7)

No Decay (I love to build dozens of bases all over - but I suppose I could forgo this requirement for a truly awesome server)

/remove I simply have to have that on any server I play now, I can’t live without it.

Increased stacks (I can never carry enough resources when farming)

X20-X40 resource rates - I want to spend more time building not farming, but I also don’t want to be an admin and have absolutely no challenge or work to do. I know its cheap to rent my own server, I have one in 7 Days to Die, but it got soooo boring having no challenge to the game, although I did really enjoy the detective aspect of the game in tracking down and punishing rule breakers. Somedays, I’d stalk a person for hours just to see what they were doing.

/sethome I really like 10 spots, most seem to be 4 - like i said, i like lots of bases to spread my loot around so I don’t put all my eggs in one basket

I don’t care about “better loot” plug ins, kits or multiple airdrops, I just like lots of resources. I like to work for my blueprints, one of the servers I played on the admin gave out all the hard bps like quarries, c4, weapsons etc right after I spent nearly a week getting them all the old fashioned way.

I’d also like for whatever rules are in place to actually be enforced. I played on a server I really liked, and the admin was super nice and a way cool dude. Problem was he could never ban anyone even if they were caught exploiting (building inside rocks), breaking multiple rules on griefing and raiding AND almost certainly using ESP and Wallhack (I spent an entire day where no matter what building I was in or teleported to, anytime I got near a wall an explosive bullet was shot at me, while at the same time comments were made about what I was doing inside - I don’t see how that could be anything but a wallhack - not to mention they would find me and my base within 30 minutes on coming on a server, when it’d take regular players sometimes 3 days to find my base when I’d tell them I was their neighbor and challenged them to find it). The admin asked me to provide proof which is possible, but would be extremely hard for me as I don’t have access to the proper admin tools to do it quickly and many plug ins for tracking activity were not installed even if I had access. Even when provided with requested screenshots of their discussions of griefing players bases, it was ignored. Super nice admin, but I’d prefer someone with a stronger hand to keep out the annoying folks.

I’d prefer a server that’s small to medium in size, or at least one where “regulars” aren’t KoS’d constantly, a little of that makes it exciting, but being hunted constantly while trying to setup isn’t my cup of tea. My worse experience was another server being chased by one of the admins anywhere I ported, I finally just logged out, it was pointless, you can’t fight against that.

Probably most importantly I’d really like some sort of faction system, where in your area you work together with your neighbors as a team to go after other factions in other areas. Maybe a map with multiple islands. I really like team battles and cooperation, this game seems to have the potential to be one of the best PvP games I’ve played, I just haven’t found the right server fit yet. I’m way more into raiding bases that are actively defended, or actively defending my crazy bases, than sneaking like a thief in the night to steal stuff and pathetically kill sleepers pointlessly. My base designs are for fighting from, I don’t use them to secure loot rooms, I simply hide my loot since my assumption is any base can be broken into and that mine will, so hiding loot is safer. Loot rooms seem like insanity to me, I never understand them, but do appreciate finding them.

I prefer a server, where base griefing isn’t common, but still allowed if the owner is super powerful and needs to be taken down for strategic reasons. Leveling small bases of people only on the server for a couple of days seems just pathetic to me, much like killing sleepers. Leveling bases should be reserved for the almighty and powerful, or serious jerks to run off the server.

So that’s my philosophy and want I’d like in my ideal server if it exists. I can be a team player and gather resources for HQ, but I also want to be involved in building defenses. I’m online all the time, so I’m an excellent person to keep an eye on things. This is the 4th wipe I’ve been through and I think I’ve logged over 1600 hours. I also have 4 sons and a grandson, but the grandson is too young to play yet.

Where’s the review?

I see you posted it /grins