Negative Steam Reviews

When I look at the Steam Store page for Rust, all of the negative reviews say the same thing - “I love this game so much except that I get raided so thumbs down”, or “I love this game so much except that I get shot by people”. Really? You’d think people would be able to ascertain that this is an FPS Survival game by look at the screenshots and description. But no. Here’s one of my favourites:

So basically this guy gives Rust a thumbs down because he kept getting wrecked. He even says “I love this game”. But because he got repeatedly rekt and raided (play on a lower population server = problem solved), he downvotes the game. Come on guys.

Then there’s the review from the guy whose got 1274 hours in rust, but rabbits on about how the game sucks major-league ass. Then why the **** did you play it for 1274 hours? Too make a point? Bloody heck.
But by worst, by far the worst reviews of them all, are the reviews from the salty bastards who have 6 hours clocked in-game, yet claim to be experts on the subject of all things Rust. I don’t think you should be allowed to submit a review until you have 50 hours+ in the game in question. Just my humble opinion.

Why are people so salty?

People can’t accept the whole try-fail-try-succeed aspect of rust because they get stuck on the fail part…

My favorite part of Rust is the struggle to become self sufficient. I love it when I create adversaries and then hunt them down to take revenge.

Still miss the simplicity of legacy Rust, though. It felt like more of a community. You now have far too infrequent meetings with others. There used to be resource hot spots and rad animal hotspots. You’d encounter many players in these areas and normally there’d be a struggle for resources / rad animal blue prints. Now with resources so readily available, everyone is so spread out that there really aren’t the small cities built up around resource hot spots anymore.

I agree with literally every point you just made

Well without looking at it with any sort of bias, I’d say it’s a good thing that people voice their opinion about a game. Rust’s game play won’t suit everyone, so it’s good for people to hear both sides of the story before buying the game.

I agree, what I don’t agree with is the way people judge a game by it’s community. And after a mere 11.6 hours.