Nel Tu Oderschvank Skin Request (Details included)


I first want to tell you guys that I’ve been searching everywhere for at least a 3D Max character model for Nel, but I couldn’t. I read the rules and all, and I have requested bleach models before, I think my info was not enough, I hope you guys support this. Really appreciate it!

[Front] Face



The skull on Nel’s head:

I have additional info that might help as well

Height: 176 (cm) or 5’10" (inch)
Bust: 100 (cm) or 36-37 (inch)
Waist: 62 (cm) or 28-29 (inch)
Hip: 89 (cm) or 39-40 (inch)

Please, if you are viewing this, post “I support” I don’t want to bumb the thread, thank you!

Is it possible for at least getting her on 3Ds Max?

I wouldn’t be able to make Nel anytime soon but her hat might be another story. And yeah I support it.

I have a fully rigged Nel that I could ragdoll, but I do not have the time to work on it right now. I might be able to some time next week after I take my test on monday. It will not have face, finger, or eye posing however, so if someone wants to add this, I can send them the model instead.

That’s great! Thank you guys, hope this skin can make it out.

Umm, do you want the ridges on her horns modeled or textured?

I don’t think you need to worry about it anymore. I have a ported model of Nel that I am going to ragdoll that includes the skull.

Here is the ragdoll:

All credit for the model goes to Nintendo and the companies that helped them produce the game.

I have included the smds for some one to add face posing if they wish. I would also like someone to look at my phymodel and tell me if I am doing something wrong with the skirt. I always have some trouble with skirts and twichiness. Let me know if there are any problems with the model.

Thank you so much bluedyeno4

I will try the model, will try faceposing it as well.