Nemesis By Winkler


Whoa that looks really low poly…
From what game it is? (It looks really familiar :P)

Also you missed the Releases section mate, ask a mod to move your thread.

This model from Half-life 1


Half-Life 1?

He was talking about what game is it related to… not what poly and how you made it with.

Unless you actually mean HL1, then what the fuck.

Looks cute.

Yeah, there’s no way that’s HL1.

Killing Floor, maybe. But I’m calling Ball Hockey if you say it’s from HL1.

it was from counterstrike online I believe

The style reminds me somewhat of Borderlands. Good model, though; you got my download.

I have to agree it looks like something you would come across in Resident Evil, Killing Floor, or Borderlands.

Joazzz disagree. This model not in Half-Life 1. This model from elsewhere.

He probably means a HL1 mod guys.

Hell no have you seen the detail in KF’s models?

Holy balls, man. Either KF’s skins are REALLY fucking shitty, or they use a lower-poly model for gameplay.

It reminds me of the game Cold Fear

Might be from the beta, or a fan-made model for HL1 that was ported. But I swear that is not in HL1, Op4, or Blue Shift. Decay, maybe, but even then I find it unlikely.

that’s that japanese(or was it korean) counterstrike thing right? if so then yes this is from hl1(goldsource)

i think you’re right though, i used to have a few of the models from it’s zombie gamemode or w/e it was. But this looks like it might be one of the monsters from it.

I think he means that it is FOR Half Life 1, not FROM it.

Maybe a Half Life 1 mod?
Anyone think about that…?

Killing Floor could be a Half-life mod of sorts if you think about it. Look at CS 1.6 and all. Let alone I know a certain mod that is breaking Half-life 1 history already.

But back to the model: It does look a bit like a HL1 model.

CS:Online according to the texture names