Nemesis drags a lifeless Jill through a destroyed, apocalyptic city.

The fourth and final (and surprisingly less violent) pic that I did as a commission for a gaggle of obvious Jill lovers on DA.

Haven’t gone overboard on the blood have I? :v:


And incase you hadn’t seen the other previous 3 pics:

The superior part of the picture looks really sick. Like it’s a cover for some brutal tentacle rape game a la crysis 2 :smug:

Her fingers kinda ruin the quality of the pic tho. Your editing is over the top , good job.

Hey wait why is there a horse statue in the middle of the street?

Very, very good.

Lol at this one.

Why, man?

where’s that Van model from?

Dud snip that or this thread will get locked for nudity.

Yeah snip it mang, thats why I put it in a url.

Because we need moar horse statues in streets.
But thanks!

You’re commissioners have extremely…different tastes.

but where’s that sexy Van from?

I think it was from the Decadence mod.

I’m afrid to know why he’s keeping her in the firstplace. :ohdear:

holy shit this more awesome than i can explain

Man, I love your stuff every time I see it, but it makes my attempts at GMod screenies rather…shit. Always get a win off me my friend.

Damn, I just finished a pose with her looking badass.

Very nice editing and posing.

urbanator i llove you

Amazing, composition and lighting are near flawless, as usual.

INSANE! you always impress me! have a medal … NOW!

Sick editing, you are talented. I love the pose incredibly much. It looks very natural.
Good job :slight_smile:

I would love to earn money like that :q: you rock either way.

I love you.

Makes me want an HD RE3 remake.

I second pMnky, too.