Nemesis hanging a soldier by his guts

Yeah i know that is dark…just deal with!

Omg, the darkness aint the worst problem :S No human been has guts like that lol… Also he is pulling his organs out, a little more blood please? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: The posing is good tho!

more blood is a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I expected TF2! But… this is nice too…

In fact his guts are the nemesis tentacles with a flesh material ^^


And bad lighting

Also the intestines DO stretch like that idiots, this is anatomically correct.

Agreed, bad lighting, construct is a NO no matter what. Anyway, if the organs had the entire weight of the a full grown male along with all the gear of a soldier I’m pretty sure that the organs would have completely come out.

Intestines do NOT stretch dude, they are long, but they are not capable of holding an full gear’d soldier. They would easily rip just by trying to pull the guy up.

Or this would happen…

LoL you are to fuckin perfecionist…

Naa, i just was replying to Scarlet, sorry if i went off topic, but i already stated my opinion about your screenshot. ;d

Perfection is something everyone should strive for.