Nemesis...oh christ NO URB NOT AGAIN [SFM]

Made these for a contact on DA. Supposed to be a 3-parter but I lost motivation.
I would show the full res but my contact said ‘no way boi’.

Actually I did these back in mid 2013, figure I’d dust 'em off. :v:

Nice job dude! That looks awesome!

That’s going to cause a headache

Great work once again!

Oh dear.


I’ve seen enough anime…
to know where this is headed.

Damn it Gobo, that was gonna be my line :’(


Oh, sorry, my bad man.

Fucking beautiful and perfect!


Your contact is a weird mother fucker.

It’s actually the same user who I did all the other Nemesis stuff for so long ago.
But you probably guessed that. :v:

Thanks yall!

Is nice urbanator. What’s with contacts? Are there people who pay money for gmod/sfm stuff now? I just went through deviantart, didn’t know much about that site before, you have a wonderful collection and i remember a lot of the pics in there from the past, but i aslo see some you haven’t uploaded here.

You didn’t know much about DA? I thought everyone knew about DA. :suicide:

DA has a lot of varying people populating it, unfortunately many of the people
in it who are into gmod/sfm spam most sections with either shitty ass pony pics
or poorly made sanik the hedgehog images. If not those, then poses that take
5 mins. So a lot of the groups on DA don’t accept 3D renders made with official
models. (Obviously I’m just referring to a select few, theres still a lot of talent on
DA from gmodders/sfm users alike).

Take these images for example, they weren’t accepted in a group dedicated to
Resident Evil because they used official models…I mean if I spent 5 mins doing
these then fair enough. But cmon. Ah well, fuck em. :confused:

Some people (and I do mean the very rare, occassional type) will offer moneh.
But its not common at all. I wasn’t gonna upload these here at first, but since I have
some sorta notoriety involving these two characters, figure it’d be appropriate. :v:

amazing as always

You can also find there some people which are stealing works of someone else. It happened to Urbanator too.

anyway amazing :3

Ergh, yeah don’t get me started on that hah.


Jesus Christ, that is some fantastic - if disturbing - work.

My mind is blown. The effects, the bloom, the blood, the gore, the composition… the render quality, the anti-aliasing… so…