Nemisis kills a solider.

Haha, joke on you. Bloods sucks, but I still fooled you, so I win.
I fucking love literal poses.

Ahahahaha nice one wystan xD

Fuck you got me. :hurr:

Good one.

But I was actually thinking of TF2 :geno:

A dumb rating D:

Someone can’t take a joke.

if i say it was fear hes gonna kill my family :laugh:

Not what I thought it would be! :pwn:


+1 more dumb for assuming.

Funny :slight_smile:

I was thinking DOD when I saw this.

Bumping, hopefully I can get one more sucker.

fuck, i was thinking of resident evil

i hate you

Yes! Got another one!

Damn you. :frown:

You would have got me if I looked at the thread title. In the morning I open most threads all in different tabs, and then flick between the tabs so I don’t often see the titles.


You got me, i was thinking of Resident evil. Nice pose btw.

You would of got me if I wasn’t paying attention to the spelling mistake in the title.

If it were TF2, it’s should’ve been a spy getting shot.

^ This.

I dissmis you silly excuses.

Oh you…