Nem's Puzzle Server

We have resurrected overv’s puzzle gamemode, from 2008 and have it running on a small 8 slot server. I like to have a community spirit in my servers and so are keeping the slots small for now, but may grow if it proves to be popular. I believe we are the only server running this gamemode (it will probably increase in popularity when I post this, but hopefully not eh :P)

The shop system is now working, with trails and powerups.
You get one point per puzzle completed

Anyway, the server ip is
We have a basic, 5 map rotation (once every 20mins)

!highscore - view the highscore on the current map
!skip - skip the current puzzle, one skip per puzzle run
!restart - restart from the beginning of the map (useful for getting that highscore you’ve always wanted xD)
f2 - view shop

Please note, once a trail is applied, you will need to type !restart for the changes to apply. Sell your trail before buying another, otherwise you will end up with two!


Please post to let us know what you think, we appreciate constructive criticism!

Thanks to overv for coming, playing and approving of the server!

Really nobody has anything to comment on? That’s unusual for facepunch

it looks nice

Thanks for the feedback, drop in once in a while to say hello :smiley:

Wow, joining now.
Someone come on too

Ill be on about 7gmt-10gmt

for anyone who is interested im on now for the next 3 hours :smiley:

Its awesome, fun to play and fucking annoying to make stuff for!

But it is probably that which saved the gamemode through all the updates

Added fast download for the maps so you can join quicker than ever!

Coming on now. I LOVED the puzzle gamemode, and it’s good to see it back.

Thanks, Im really aiming for people like you to be joining, the ones who were around in the haydays of puzzle xD

hm ill check it out today

It’s nice to know that people are interested

added new trails, cleaned up code a little

I’m looking for an active admin atm, because I can’t always be on the server. Leave me a message here or PM me if you are interested

You should stop double posting.

Holy shit, you triple posted like 4 times. Check out the “Edit” button sometime.

Finally, you are the first one on this topic who see’s it.