Neo-Nazi In Russia Initiation Test

Them are some bad ass mother fuckers.

Thread… music… video thing?

Dem black people are fucked.

In case some of you were wondering, I put radial blur and motion blur on the skinhead, just to show that he is running towards them.

But I idled out the knife for a symbolic thing.

Nice picture, I like it.

Oh yeah. There’re some many nig… black people in Russia.

Apparently the neo-nazi’s have been helping to flood them out.

I hate nazies.I live in Russia and I really hate them. But your picture is awesome.

Really nice, I like this Shit.

Thanks guys.

Damn, awesome work

Yeah, Neo- Nazi’s can go fuck themselves, but nice job.

Why is their debri unless its after the chechen car bombing agh kidding good pose :slight_smile:

Lol why do they have to exist, we defeated them. Nice pic btw.

Love it.

couple of things

I think they would have noticed him

there aren’t many black people in Russia

Very nice editing, but a bit dark.