Neo Tokyo hand to hand

C&C please

Lack of fingerposing on the Blue guy makes this image look half-canned

That guy is fucked now.

yea the finger posers were hard on those hands

That smoke is just “too much”. The muzzleflash isn’t that good, it’s a silenced weapon and therefore, shouldn’t produce fire.
Otherwise, looks fine, I like that blur effect, I can feel the pain of the poor NSF guy. :v:

:iia: I love to see people get their faces cut off! :buddy:

Oh, you cropped things, now it looks really good apart from the smoke and muzzle.

The motion blur is nice, but the smoke seems a bit low res.
Lightings pretty good and muzzle looks okay.
Good job on the rest of the picture (posing and angle)

Looks really good to me, just needs a little more AA.

The blood looks suspended in time.

yea i couldent find any good blood pictures but do think i should of blurred them

Considering you motion-blurred the arm, you probably should have motion-blurred the blood.

ok thanks for the info ill do that next time