Neolithic Rock Fight Simulator

Console (F1): net.connect
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Slots: 100
PVP: Yes
Sleepers: Yes
Admin: Yes
Modded with Oxide: Door Sharing/PM/Starter Kit
Site/Forum: Coming Soon!
Server restarts as need, progress will be saved.


This is a server modded with Oxide. Airdrops are set to start at a minimum of 8 active players, and has door sharing and Instant Crafting. Loot tables are currently Vanilla.

So, I was playing this server today and came across a player named Mrbreakit. He was pretty cool and gave me some stuff to start out with. Then I proceeded to walk away and do my own business. After this I came to conclusion that this server is pretty cool… Even after he followed me while I setup my shack and proceeded to beat my door down and beat the living shit out of me with his hatchet.

This server, is for me.

Update: Server wiped 12/28/2013

Great server with great people on it. No abusive admin like I’ve seen previously

Great server, lots of fun, one of the rare ones I actually feel safe playing on regularly :stuck_out_tongue: and thank god for one of the few servers without admin abuse!!!

BUMP: We wiped the server today

Rockfightin’ is currently down due to HFBServers getting DDOSed. Will resume ASAP.

Rockfightin’ is back up! Come on in and bash somebody’s skull in!

We will be wiping the server today at 11:00 pm eastern tonight. Too many metal fortresses are making it a little difficult to get by as fresh spawn