Neon Gaming: Trouble in Terrorist Town [TTT] [FastDL]

Edit: Problems fixed, server now back up.
Also: name will be changing soon. Same IP though.

Neon Gaming now runs a server dedicated to the TTT gamemode. We have everything you would expect in a TTT server, including a FastDL service and helpful, friendly admins.
Since we have played the gamemode for a long time, we know how annoying it can be to be killed by RDM. We also know its annoying when players RTV midround, costing you your long awaited Traitor round! Unlike some servers, we have measures to prevent this happening.
All RDM’s will be dealt with, and all midround RTVs will be aborted if there are some players who do not wish to RTV.

So come along and try us out! Players of any skill level are welcome to join


See you there :wink:

If you dont know what TTT is, check out this page:

I’ll make sure to check it our, sounds like a good server

Neon Gaming already exist…

Problem solved.

Server is back up today, join us now!

What maps are you playing on?

I’ll be sure to join.

Most of the standard ttt maps. We always add more maps every so often, so you wont get bored of them


Thanks cya there :wink:


Thanks, you should see for yourself!