Neon lights?

How would I make neon lights? Is there a way to do this without a custom texture?

To further that, how would I make them flash?

Would probably be easiest with a model of what you want, but it all depends what kind of neon light you want, are you talking about like a neon sign like.

Or something on like neon lights underneath a car?

For the sign probably best for a model that is self illuminating texture? You can have those right?

But for the car like neon lights maybe a bright texture with a light entity that is majorly modified settings to fit your needs?

But over all I would probably suggest a model… and if there is no self illuminating texture, just add a light entity with the model that makes it to your needs.


Forgot to mention about how to make it flash, either make it in the texture itself (I am pretty sure you can…) or make a light entity that flickers.


Hope this helped :slight_smile:

this tut’s better