Neon Ninjas - a Fast-Paced PvE Roguelike

Neon Ninjas - a co-operative rogue-like game mode with fast paced FPS gameplay akin to Titanfall, I’ve spent the last few days working on a prototype in unity and it’s finally at a point where I feel comfortable showing it off.

The movement is pretty wonky at the moment but I’m not too concerned about that as it’s going to have to be re-written for s&box anyway. I’d also like to add that all art and animation is placeholder.

Aside from your arsenal of firearms, you also wield shurikens and a katana, both of which deal very high damage but are on cool downs.

There is a large variety of items that are found throughout the environment and dropped by enemies, these are how your character gets more powerful. Again, this UI is not final.

I’m pretty sure I’ve written all the systems that can be ported over, so I’m going to start focusing on HUD mock ups in CSS, and art/mapping. I’m also looking for programmers/artists who want to contribute, DM me on discord at bloo#9466.


Looks neat, I think this could be a fun game for s&box :slight_smile:

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Nice work, really like the idea of a Co-op PvE gamemode and the styling is really cool :grinning:

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what a coincidence

Looks really cool, good job with the proof of concepts you made too :slight_smile: