Neon Sign's

Make them glow please

You need those as textures?

Need them modeled :l

Oh. Let me try.

Thank you!

Sorry, I just wasted 30 minutes of your life, because I can’t model for shit. Sorry.

How far did you get? Screens?

I tried to make a simple box with frames, but no, it’s too hard for me.

:L Hopyfully somebody can do this for me!

Wait, I think I can do it this time, I’ll try again.

Damn it, I accidentally made it “Bathrooms” instead of Restrooms… :sigh:

-snip- Got any screen shots?

Done, hope you like it even though it reads Bathrooms instead of restrooms :v:
-The text and the 2 tubes glow in the dark
-Many small hooks holding the text and 2 tubes

Were do i put this?
I plan to add this to my map… but lets say i just wanted to spawn it… How?

It looks fucking sweet!

Okay, go to the directory where all your models/materials are, then just drop the two folders into that directory.

Now i should just be able to hit q and find them and spawn them yes? I found it useing the list…

But im geting this prob
MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for neonsign.mdl

There isn’t a spawnlist, so you’ll have to go to the browse tab and navigate to the Restroom Neon Sign folder.

Yes, if you want to spawn them in Hammer, go to steamapps/youraccountname/pathtoyourtextures&models

Mine is example steamapps/myaccountname/half-life 2 episode 2/ep2/

So I drop them there. Then I search for the model in Hammer.

Thank you…

I plan on useing tease in a map…
Credit will be given to you…

As far as Makeing them spwan Ingame

im geting this prob
MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for neonsign.mdl

I’m pretty sure you did something wrong, because that didn’t happen for me.

-snip- Just needed to restart

Can you make it light up the world (I know this can be done but forget how) and also make a flashing one? I would love you if you did
Oh and on where each letter Turns on Like B…A…T…H.R…O…O…M…S >>> then FULLY LIGHTS AND THE BLUE flashes then repeats?