NEOTOKYO not mounting

I installed NEOTOKYO, mounted it in Gmod and did a pose in one of the city maps. Went away for a month. After I came back, the maps to that game won’t show up in Gmod. Can this be caused by any update? Like the one screwing up the L4D maps?

Nothing changed when I was gone apart from a new gfx card. And the game works fine otherwise.

Only models get mounted not maps.
inb4 What about L4D

L4D? The custom ported maps works fine. And GM Mount is still working. Even if I am told it shouldn’t.

Oh you were talking about Gmount 2, I think it’s broken, probably causing the problem.

use dystopia maps some of them looks familiar to neotokyo

just make a folder junction between the NT map folder and gmod addons. Works the best imho.