Neotokyo weapons - 2013 edition

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So one year ago i released the first version of this pack, and it was pretty much the first thing i did when i learned to hack and bodygroup stuff, and a somewhat recent update to the mod added and changed some things, inspiring me to re-visit this and update it with the things i’ve learned since i first released it.

Full contents list:

AA13 + Drum and box magazines
Jitte + Magazine
KLYA-9 + Ammo cylinder
Milso + Magazine
Mosok-41 + Long and short magazines
MPN-45 + Long and short magazines
MX5 + Magazine
PZ-252 + Drum and box magazines
SMAC + Seperate tag prop
SRM-7 + Magazine
BP-308 + Magazine
Supa-7 + Shotgun shell
Tachi + Magazine
ZR68C and ZR68L + Long and short magazines

Detpack + Remote
Grenade + Handle and pins

Also included are revamped and improved versions of the original, Pre-2013 update ZR68C and ZR68L rifles, with accompanying magazine props, since it was the only gun they completely changed and i still liked the old version.

You need the bodygroup tool to get the most out of these and the Joint tool is also suggested as most if not all of the models have parts that are bodygrouped also rigged, and parts that aren’t bodygrouped (such as sling loops) are able to be moved.

Credits list:
STUDIO RADI-8 and all other members of the Neotokyo mod team for the mod and the weapons.
Taggart for testing and for providing me with some pictures.
And myself (Kali) for bodygrouping them, fixing things, and making them how they are.

[SUB][SUB]i wish i hadn’t changed the size of all these because they don’t look very good like this[/SUB][/SUB]

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Looks nice. Will download.

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Great release Floater. Downloaded.

Keep up the great work

Is there a direct download link available? I’d love to have these in SFM.

Really neat.

There is a tool to unpack .gma files, but i can’t find it right now. If anyone else can provide a link it’d save me re-uploading this to somewhere else.

These looks great.



Nice weapons, just out of curiosity, have those cop models in the first and second screenshot, were they ever released? I would love to get some good cop models

oh, steam community

never change


Worth the wait :D.

Awesome release Floater!

.gma unpacker is here

I keep trying to download from the Steam Workshop and I subscribe and everything but still no download. Any possibility of a Mediafire or Sendspace upload? Thanks