To get Neotokyo maps to work in Gmod, do I simply just copy the “maps” folder from Neotokyo and then merge it with the Gmod “maps” folder?

No because it uses special entitys doesn’t it?

You’d most likely have to import all the models and textures too. Otherwise expect lots of errors.

There is an addon that allows you to mount sourcemods as additional content. It would do the same as just copying it, but won’t waste space.

if the files are .bsp, you should be able to load them.

whether or not they will work right, who knows?!?

(hint: I don’t, I hadn’t heard of Neotokyo until now, so I don’t know how it is set up)


Everyone so far seems unsure…does anybody know for certain?

I really like the maps that were created for Neotokyo, I’d love to have them working in Gmod…

I’m not unsure. You extract the models, materials, and maps into your steamapps/garrysmod/garrysmod directory. And it should work.

guess I’ll just have to try it then…

Okay, I just tryed copying the maps from the Neotokyo maps folder into the Gmod maps folder, and I was able to open it up, but EVERYTHING was missing. I’m talking black-and-purple textures, ERROR files, and see-though surfaces. The entire map was pretty much missing.

I’m going to try copying the Materials and Models folders now.

As I suggested, to save space, just get that addon.

Use gm_mount.dll

I tried getting the addon, however the link was dead. So I ended up just copying the Materials and Models files, and got it working. I made a picture to celebrate!

The link was postet somewhere in the Thread again^^


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Edit: This could be very useful. Thanks.

Just because a map is binary space partitioned doesn’t automatically mean it will run in Source. Doom, Quake 1-3, Half-Life and several other games use binary space partitioning for maps, it doesn’t mean they’re all the same.