Nerd an his PC - My first gmod video (also some other videos I made)

Ok so I’ve had garrysmod and been a member of FP for a while now (although I haven’t posted much)and I made a few movies which i didn’t release for reasons I no longer recall…
so anyway here they are:
Nerd and his PC - my first one

a couple of videos i made to fit with music
Banana phone
still alive
do the mario
kA BoOm Part 2 by koolfox
TF2 - life with maggot - my latest one
Finally a trailer for a nintendo/mario/gmod sort of video that I plan on making

sorry for putting them all together as I know it does make this post rather confusing. (I do hope Iv’e put them all on in the right order :confused: )
C&C appriciated and thanks for your time

Most are laggy and some are just a bunch of screenshots. The game settings were obviously on mostly low which kinda ruins it + you have game hud on in the first few. In the first one the voice acting was poor. As for the comedy it was a bit too slow paced. I recommend using source recorder or getting a better PC.

First video: Crap. Flinging ragdolls not funny. I could hear you clicking too. Also disable death notices and hud.
The rest: It’s been done before and also done better.