Nerf circle-dancing

After playing countless of hours, there is something that I’ve noticed that really is annoying when trying to shoot people that are desperatly trying to run away, and they are running while turning left, right, left, right like a mad dog, making them rather impossible to shoot. and I find this quite retarded because you have too fast turn speed. Rust is a source engine game if I guessed right? isn’t there a possible to implant a feature that is in L4d2 that makes you slower by the amount your turn to the sides, either way I think its rediculous how people can ‘dance’ around like that, really fucks up gun fights where the opposing team decides to run off and you basically have a very low chance of hitting him due to this retardness.

and in come the hundreds of bambi’s to tell you how wrong you are and how the M4 has heat seeking bullets.

its called survival. u lack the accuracy, its not their fault. every fps has that
UWANTREALISTICS?? how about u die u have to purchase the game again? or have to take a breath when u running… and sleep every day in-game so ppl can kill u

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This is ran on unity… not source facepalm

Just learn to predict them instead of trying to follow their character model.

I can assure you my accuracy stands higher than yours, you can usually counter this zigzag running by aiming at the center of their movement pattern, but you guys are seeing this post in the wrong way, I’m not stating that this should be dealt with cause I’m having problems. Its pretty much because I think its silly and something that shouldn’t be in a game like this. Restricted movement forces players to be more careful about moving around instead of being like these casual runners in mad circles.

And not every FPS has that Bublik, a lot of game doesn’t even have that fast movement speed on the players.

Either way, I just made a random assumption which engine it was made on since a lot of sounds are familiar from a different game, but thats however irrelevant. I assume Unity game engine should be able to do this movement speed reduction when turning around like crazy.

Hell no… Learn to aim better

Can we please stay within the topic? this has nothing to do about my aim or whatever, just an idea to prevent all that circle-dancing so that running away from people trying to shoot you would require more skills than it is right now by basically just turning your mouse from side to side. If you look straight down while doing so, you’ll turn around a lot faster aswell and if you make all these random patterns with that movement speed, it becomes very easy for you slip away, considering you can sprint for ages aswell and that it would make it very hard for the shooter.

C’mon quit throwing out these comments without thinking, I’m sure you guys miss a lot when facing these circle-dancers yourselves.

Let’s look at the pro and cons in this situation instead of throwing out comments about my aim, we are here to discuss ideas that might be good for the game.

Nerfing zig-zagging
Pros: none
Cons: makes the game slower and less skillful.


Get Good

“Players have come up with an idea that makes killing them harder! Can we nerf it please?”



Casual players everywhere.

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Its less skillful that people can get away circle-dancing in my opinion, using trees, obstacles or whatever is the real deal and skillful way to get away, out in open field you are suppose to be rather screwed if you can’t hide behind something or fight back.

Just reducing the speed is all I ask for so that it can’t be done so quickly.

Sooo… what your saying is…

If we stood in an open field in real life… and i started shooting at you…

You would NOT zig-zag as you ran away???

I call bullshit…

This is literally the dumbest thing i have ever read. Please proof read everything you post on the internet, because even if this was a good idea, which it isn’t, you sound so stupid that i can not possibly take you seriously… at all.

He is saying that Zig-Zagging is fine…it’s just that the zig-zagging in rust is way over the top.

People shouldn’t be doing 180 degree turns in the blink of an eye and changing their momentum so rapidly. You can’t run full speed one way then instantly be running full speed the other.

Limiting your turn radius while sprinting would fix this.

You want to be able to kill people easier with less required twitch aiming skill, gotcha. That means less skillful.

About time someone doesn’t bash on OP for attempting to make the game a little more realistic.
Less skillful? yes. More realistic? yes.

Reality doesn’t belong in games.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going on about, I don’t think zig-zagging is something that shouldn’t be there at all, I just think that the current speed of how you can change direction is just way too much, and a slight decrease to make it less instant is all I ever suggested. And this is just an thought I came up with because I’ve both been trying to shoot people that does this, and heavily abused it myself and I thought that it was kinda too good, not because my aim is terrible as you trash-poster have commented on, just because I suggest something doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m completely against zig-zagging and that I struggle against it, it was just another idea to possibly make the game better in my opinion.

Its good to see that there is actually some guys thinking on this forum other than lashing out comments here and there, least please give an proper arguement against my suggestion instead of going “UUHH Get guud, ur aim sux huhuhu.” Cause that’s some very productive feedback on this thread.

All I ask for is that its looked into and maybe tested out. There is an obvious reason for example why firstperson shooter games usually don’t have that high of a movement speed on the players. but I know then again that Rust isn’t all about shooting or killing another player, but least would be nice to create a certain balance there between the shooter and the runner, right now its essentionally just 95% edge for the runner that they can instantly swap directions, cause when you are aiming down the sight at the zig-zaggers, you usually try to find a ‘center’ of their patter and wait for them to run into your aim then fire, but then if they are complete random and keep turning instantly in all directions its just going to be a bit too fast.

What do you guys think about that?

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Not really asking for realism, just a fair balancing for the shooter and the runner. They could just add something that makes the runner’s movement speed get reduced if they do these instant 180 turns by looking straight down or up which makes you turn around faster.

That’s something atleast I know we players of Age of Chivalry, a melee combat game that didn’t have a proper combat system, so we would occasionally head up to an opponent, attack, look straight down and do a instant turn and run away since its faster to move around with the mouse, and not the movement keys since you will get the forward sprinting speed, different game, but the same concept that people can just turn around immideantly and maintain the same speed which I don’t think should be there.

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Again, I’m not saying zig-zagging should be completely taken away, it should just get reduced a tiny bit. And as for real life it would be hard to make these 180 turns straight away while maintaining the same amount of speed, just saying since you brought up that example.