Nerf everying!


The bow just got nerfed…
Seems like fresh spawns need 3 arrows to get killed now.

Really I am so dissapointed. Why are you listening to some of the worst criticism there is on this board?

If you nerf the bow, please nerf aswell:

  • Timed explosive charge is too common
  • Firearms in radtowns are too common
  • Face Mask too stronk
  • Nerf Armored doors.
  • Nerf Code Lock
  • Nerf Repair Bench
  • Nerf Horse
  • Nerf Houses
  • Nerf the world!!!

Nerf the rock pls …

nerf the torch.


They are testing it.

Disappointing. The bow is a vital weapon for anyone who hasn’t got a ready source of HQ metal to compete with top-tier players. If it’s twice as weak (I haven’t tested since the patch so only going on this post) then it’s pretty useless at doing that.

It was a great weapon that required skill to predict movement of your target and rewarded skill with good damage. It isn’t the cause of melee weapons not being used. If everyone is the same speed then ranged will always be favoured over melee - that’s just the way combat works.

can we nerf lenny as well, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) look at him hes too fukin stronk (im so going to get banned for this so lord postal be gentle with me)

nerf russians

The bow was OP. It was basically a silent bolt action. It was cheap, easy to build, and incredibly powerful. It was always my weapon of choice, and a great way for a guerilla player to take on larger groups or better-equipped players.

We can have a real silent Bolt next week.

But now my Forest Rambo persona won’t be as cool if everyone can do it. :frowning:

The bow nerf was probably partially due to the fact that in early starts on servers it basically eclipses every other weapon…If someone is halfway decent with a bow (Which are fairly easy to get early on) then your chances of beating them without getting a good thrown spear or having a bow yourself are very low as the bow doubles as an extremely effective point blank weapon, considering it does far more damage than a melee attack with a low tier weapon, and is capable of instantly killing on unprotected headshot at max health.

I agree that its a great middleway for players starting on established servers though; 2-3 people with bows pose a strong threat to even someone with a gun/armor. Maybe there should be something like a metal tipped arrow made with frags, so that you can still do some damage to more advanced players when you get your feet, but the bow isn’t so damn powerful when everyone is running around naked.

I wouldn’t mind the bow being so deadly if there were other low tier options, such as bolas (Rock/cloth) for hitting and slowing someone down if they are running or knocking them over if they are sprinting, and/or an increase in damage across the board for low tier melee weapons because their damages are pathetic compared to arrows, torches and thrown spears.

Personally, I’d be happy if they made guns un-craftable and ultra rare, and replaced them with bows + a variety of arrows.

A large number of folks I run into can’t hit the broadside of a barn with a bow. It’s a weapon that with practice can be very powerful, as opposed to the still spray and pray capabilities of the Thompson and AK. Because some people can become very proficient with it doesn’t make it OP. Against armored folks with health kits, it still required skill and/or luck to win. A HS on a naked still allowing them to run away is UP.

Call it whatever you like. I’m not up on whatever gamer lingo is going around this week. Point is, the bow is a powerful, under-rated, under-used weapon.

The bow was not nerfed. It was a bug. They fixed it 10min ago. A hooray to all bow masters.

Woo hoo!

Nope, bow should have been kept the way it was. It’s too useful against melee players, whereas before if you were skilled you could hold your own against somebody with a bow. Now anybody who manages to find cloth is able to kill anybody else who doesn’t.

You need to find like 2 hemp plants to have enough cloth to make a bow.

Ok I heard the news. It’s all fine again :slight_smile:
I just downloaded and I’m ready to hit the road.

Have fun!