Nerf Guns Port

Would someone be willing to port models of the nerf guns from either of the Nerf N-Strike Elite games for the Wii? I’ve noticed a definite lack of nerf in the modding community as a whole. If it’s easier, you could just port the ones that actually exist. These’d probably be great for comics and such.

Ah that old game, used to play that on my reeeeeeally old computer :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure thats like DirectX 7 or something, would be pretty hard to rip from @.@

is that water guns?

No, They shoot foam darts that stick to glass and stuff.

to be honest if thats from a game, that sounds like a verry fun game to play

What you’ve never heard of Nerf Guns before? @.@

Not a computer game. It’s a game for the Wii that comes with a nerf blaster that converts into a gun-shell for the wiimote.

And trust me, it’s NOT a fun game to play. Imagine an FPS where all of your bullets take about a full second to reach their target, and have a ridiculous parabolic drop. About a series of toys that are the safest projectile “weapon” ever, but still takes them so seriously you’d think it was a new super-soldier recruitment tool.

My little brother ended up in tears when he got it and we ended up returning it to the store under the pretense that we “just got the wrong thing”.

Huh, ok the PC version I had ages ago was pretty good for a crap FPS rip off.

Now, back to the porting to GMod part.
AKA, bump.