Nerf the AK!

Hey, Facepunch, nerf the AK! It got one little nerf recently, but it’s not enough. The AK is the clan weapon of choice, and the only time they don’t have them is the first 6 hours after a wipe. After that, all they do is run around and shoot people with AKs. If you don’t have one, you really don’t have much of a chance.

I don’t play in clans, so my suggestion is a bit self-interested, but the AK really helps organized clans be even more dominant. I understand that organization SHOULD be a big benefit, but if clans were running around with pistols, shotguns, or bolt actions, the playing field would be a bit more level.

Right now, if one of these guys sees you, you’re dead. And the other weapons are a lot less relevant and used. Don’t you think it would be more interesting to see people using all kinds of weapons instead of just the AK?

The AK is fine, the issue is not the gun it seems but rather how often you are getting pwned.
Might be best to reconsider what you are doing

It’s not so much that there is a problem with the AK, but more-so that all of the other weapons (excluding the bolt) are practically worthless. Why would anyone bother wasting high quality metal on a thompson or pump action shotgun? All of the weapons besides the AK and bolt need some sort of buff; whether it be a drastic cost reduction or a damage buff.
The reason everybody and their mother uses the AK is because it is extremely versatile in comparison with the rest of the shitty weapons.

@Lordrushx1: Thank you for that assessment–my playing style sucks, so I should pretty much just join a clan and get my standard issue AK so I can start running around shooting anyone who doesn’t have one. I’ll get right on that.

The issue is not really weapon damage, but the reach, accuracy, and MAGAZINE SIZE of the AK. A spray of bullets at medium range almost always does the trick. Rather than buff all the other weapons, just nerf the AK.

How about weapon jams? A little uncertainty would fit the bill.

I would also suggest melee weapons would be A LOT more interesting if there was running speed variance between players. Players wearing armor, wounded, or carrying lots of stuff should run a bit slower. That way you can catch up to 'em and put them to the sword.

I always carry a pump action because they deal decent damage to backwards walls and when raiding it’s good to have it equipped in those close quarters as it is pretty much a one shot kill at that range.

I killed 4 clan members on my own yesterday with a single clip of Thompson and a Pump Shotgun. All 4 of them were using AK’s. So they aren’t OP. I would say that the Thompson needs a slight buff though perhaps.

YOU, my friend, are OP! Nerf Krimbo! Lol

Nothing wrong with the AK as it is. Perhaps your play style needs a buff.

The AK is fine.

The trouble is the lack of selection/options with top-tier weapons.

The AK is the ONLY weapon to have the trifecta of (1) good damage, (2) good range, and (3) good magazine size.

If there were other weapons that came close to offering this level of flexibility, they would be used more often. It seems we could use some other weapons with more flexibility so that our weapon choices are more lateral, more personal preference - instead of just “The AK is the best, and everything else sucks so I don’t use it.”

That said…for close encounters, I do NOT prefer the AK.

The AK just got nerfed like 1-2 weeks ago with the increased recoil.

If you pulse your shots you can kinda ignore that.

I feel like we need some AA-12s, flamethrowers, 50cal and more to make it interesting though.

Yeah AA-12s and .50 cals totally make sense in Rust…

Sorry for off topic but…