Nerf the bow

I think it would be awesome to see more melee fighting in Rust. But with bows in their current state, there’s no point for me to run up with a machete towards someone who can shotgun me with a bow. The bow is cheap to make, cheap to make arrows, and has incredibly high damage. Is this game breaking? No. But it makes the game feel a lot lamer, unless you have a gun the bow is the weapon I see people fighting with almost exclusively in every fight.

Personally, I think the bow needs some tweaks in order to pump diversity into the weaponry people fight with.

lol u wot mate bow is shit, it’s way more efficient to run up someone and smack him in the face with a spear

Might be worth considering, now that the crossbow is in game and is a fairly easy find. The last 2 times I’ve started naked I’ve had a crossbow before I had gathered enough cloth to make a regular bow. In reality I don’t think a bow made my an unskilled person would perform worth a shit.

Bow is better. You can start engaging at range and then backpedal and shoot until they close in with a spear. The only time there’s a risk is if they have many spears and are willing to throw them. Otherwise killing melee people with a bow is really easy.

I’d rather keep the bow the way it is. It’s the only way people who start out can fight people with guns. If you ask me nerfing the bow causes more big problems even if it solves little ones like this.

Melee needs fixing for sure but range needs tweaking as a whole, nerfing the bow will make it even harder to fight against people with guns. I do think that back peddling whilst aiming and firing any ranged weapon is broken you can back peddle so fast whilst shooting accurately, gives melee no chance of closing distance.

Unfortunately unless it’s close quarters melee is just useless. I’d like to see this changed myself but it’s difficult to do it whilst guns are so easy to get.

When bow is drawn, reduce walking speed. There, fixed.

First people wanted the spear nerfed, then the rockets, then the c4, then the torch, then the AK… now the bow.

How about we just have rocks for weapons?

Well bow is OP but its not hard to kill someone with bow with melee weapon… you just have to wait until he shots and then dodge it… its not hard… just jump to right or left… and if he hits you… he will hit only hand and deal low dmg

4 steps to kill someone with a bow
1- get a good melee weapon like a sword or some spears
2- run,jump and zigzag like a crazy motherfucker
3- hit that bastard in the face
4- repeat step 1,2 and 3 until your enemy is dead

2 posts above simply aren’t useful. I’d still rekt you with a bow. Zigzagging only increases distance between you and the guy with the bow. Dodging an arrow at close range isn’t easy either.

The bow isn’t OP just all range weapons rekt melee, if they nerf the bow it will be very hard to fight people with guns when your just starting out. They need to look at the mobility of all ranged weapons I think. When you charge an arrow or look in iron sights it should slow you down more.

I think bows are perfectly fine the way they are. Against unarmed Newmans. This makes sense, realistically, and I think they should make arrows even more powerful, such as with the addition of tips that split upon entry, dealing severe internal damage.

What should inherently nerf bows, is the addition of armour. Split-tips work effectively against unarmed, but break immediately upon hitting armour, and are rendered useless. Other arrows must be aimed properly to take advantage of weaknesses in armour (this is proven to be a possibility, as Garry has it where one can even deal damage to something as small as a finger).

Different alloys can offer different levels of either puncture or piercing, and crossbows will naturally be able to bypass many of not most armours, with the obvious downside of taking forever to reload.

Bow is fine in terms of damage, speed, etc. Though I agree with Morrow and itisjuly in that drawing a bow or knocking an arrow should slow down the player; attempting to dodge an archer allows them to backpeddle quickly whilst you advance slowly, meaning that they are able to drag out the fight and loose more arrows at you. All this dodging and zigzagging doesn’t really count for snot either when fighting a skilled (or lucky) player who can simply aim at a certain area and wait for you to move into it or shoot you when you turn or jump which slows you down.

The bow is powerful, but that’s fine for me. I like the thought that I might have a chance against somebody armed with a bigger weapon just using the bow.

Melee weapons are good for sneaking up on people. Did some machete kills already against people armed with guns. Walking corners while running at a bowman who already spotted me works fine for me too. Maybe you’re just too easy to hit because you move in straight lines towards the people…?

Nerfing the damage of any of the ranged weapons sounds like a pretty bad Idea to me. I would rather appreciate if guns were more rare. I didn’t craft a single ak, thompson or bolt in weeks, they’re literally all over the place.

What the bow needs to be balanced are explosive-tipped arrows, Rambo style.

bow op confirmed.

Solution: Shoot them in the face with an AK.

The problem with melee weapons isnt the bow if you ask me. The problem is the fact that ranged weapons are much to common. If we would have a system with linear technological progression and no firearm in 1of 4 loot boxes the melee weapons would be more common and more useful for a longer period of time.

Different kind of armors which increases bullet defence or melee defence and running speed might help with that or increasing the cost of high end weaponry considerably may force people to prefer low tech weapons.

Armours (especially metal) and actions (drawing the bow, backpedaling over rough terrain) should debuff running speed.

Deciding whether to wear armour(and which armour to wear) on your excursion, instead of almost always defaulting to metal facemask/chestplate would be a nice result. Also, bowmen having to choose to draw and loose that shot, risking being hacked to pieces, or just turn tail and have a chance at running.

edit: thinking about it, though… speed debuffs is a slippery slope. I would hate for that to tangle up with our magic inventories. (however it would fuck newmans and support clan quarries, which seems to be what a lot of people think garry likes to do)
this edit is going nowhere, toke time. pretty much disregard this last bit, ok? thanks.