Nerf wolfs and bears!

Bears and wolfs absolutely ruining the fun for me. As a solo player starting the game is to hard atm. Once a bear or wolfs locks on you your fucked. I get the idea that there suppose to be a treat out there to make things more exciting but in the current state buffing the bear and wolf was a bad decision. Your running around trying to find resources wich is already hard enough as a solo player on a 200+ server and now im not dying to people but by those ridiculous OP bears and wolfs. Hours and hours wasted of my time ending up dying to mobs with broken AI buffed so much you cant even kill it unless you build a foundation and stairs to avoid hes attack or be in a group.

Bears where too easy to kill in the past. I killed them with 3 arrow hits most of the time, which was enough to kill them before they got to me.
I’m sure if you run into a big ass bear IRL you won’t take it down with a bow and arrow (unless you’re a really really good shot and hit it in the eyes).

However now it seems to take a full AK clip to take one down which is probably a bit to far on the other side of the spectrum.
A few well placed bullets are a more realistic way to take a bear down imo. A whole clip feels like the bear is wearing metal armor under it’s hide.

Don’t nerf them…stop being a pussy and man up. :slight_smile:

Try a less populated server. 200+ players is hard enough for anyone to survive.

Let’s have bears with turrets strapped to them!

Carry a building plan and some wood, if you see a bear just make a foundation and U stair and get on top then shoot it with arrow til dead.

When we were starting out I went actively hunting bears doing this just because it was an easy source of fuel to get our first furnaces going.

That’s the bloody idea.! Too many people want it this game to be easy. Bears and wolves are supposed to be dangerous. If anything we need more dangerous wildlife. Just learn to avoid them.

Yeah this line of thought makes sense, but the most frustrating part is that animals are so buggy and can run through walls, up vertical rocks etc.

They often just appear out of nowhere running through a wall or something, you should at the very least be able to hear them coming via stompy feet or something.

Also I feel like they ramped the bear/wolf spawn rate up. If they are meant to be an experience, you should be able to go more than 2 mins without running into at least a bear and a wolf.

What would fix this IMO is make bears and wolves biome specific, so for example bears only roam in the woodlands - so “if you go down to the woods today”… etc

Oh and yea, fix the biomes!