Nerve Gas Grenades + Gasmask

Nerve Gas Grenade: A grenade that creates a plume of deadly gas that kills foes over time. It also provides a slight blinding effect due to irritation of the eyes. Sprinting is also hindered as the victim will be inhaling the fumes, not only feeling woozy, but out of breath too. Gas Grenades would be perfect for preventing entry and to block off windows from snipers vantage points. They finally provide a small blinding effect to keep people from seeing as well. Though Smoke grenades are far superior.

Crafting Materials:

  • Sulfur
  • Mushroom
  • Explosive Powder
  • Metal Fragments

Gasmask: The counter to Nerve Gas. Relatively cheap to make, the Gasmask is only hindered by the need to replace its filters. Much like the candle hat, one can drop filters into the slot to resupply the gasmask.

Crafting Materials:

  • Cloth
  • Metal Fragments
  • Leather

Respirator Materials:

  • LOTS of Cloth
  • Metal Frags
  • Quite a bit of Charcoal

On a side note, gas masks should also muffle your voice a tiny bit in game for fun.

still waiting for molotovs to show up… :blaze:

I’m still waiting for the original legacy flares to be re-implemented.

Although the inevitable massmurder of naked slaves might just be itsy bitsy to edgy :wink:

I can already imagine the articles:
[RUST: Virtual HOLOCAUST Simulator?!]

Not even a year has past since the controversy of Rape in DayZ and a new player, RUST, goes even further and incorporates the ability of industrial massmurder by means of gassing.
Rust is a game where players…

All according to plan…

because we need to worry more about people doing ‘edgy’ things nobody’s going to care about and ignore a potential good gameplay addition

Only as surreptitious advertising :wink:

you’re more bound to get dipfucks from 4chan trying to troll with that logic

I bet there’s a more then average amount of those here anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


wait but wouldn’t you need to have airlock doors and such to prevent the poison gas seeping through your windows?