net caching?

I am having this weird problem where I am trying to update the player info on the scoreboard with values from the sever. So when I run a console command it runs a concommand on the server that sends a net message with here is the output from the console command, and the callback from the net receive.

concommand.Add("updatesb", function(ply, cmd, args)
        net.WriteUInt(#player.GetAll(), 32)
        for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
            print("Writing", v:Nick(), 69, 0) 
            net.WriteTable({name = v:Nick(), money = 69, wins = v.wins or 0})


    net.Receive("updatesb", function()
        for i = 1, net.ReadUInt(32) do
            table.insert(playerdata, net.ReadTable())
            table.foreach(playerdata*, print)

Thanks in advance.

To clarify the data in the picture should match the data that the client is receiving, but it isn’t)
And once reload the gamemode it works fine

Is v.wins a real variable?

It doesn’t have to be. I did

v.wins or 0

So if it is nil then it will assign 0 to it

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Besides I am not getting any errors, the values are just not coming back what they should be.

You are writing a table and reading UInits, of course if will fuck up.

How should I do it then?

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Also I am reading them in the right order, so what you are saying is not causing the problem.

Works fine for me.

Change the value in the server file, and then do not reload the client file. And then run the console command.