Net Graph Fluctuation and Lag Problems

Just two simple questions here;

First of all there seems to be a lot of fluctuation on my netgraph, which seems to cause stutters of fps lag, I was wondering if there’s any simple way to… I guess, smooth it out?

My next question is, alongside that netgraph, you can see the ping on my server is high (it’s gets quite a lot higher based on the more players I get and the lower I put my tickrate and other rates etc)

On about 24 tickrate, I’d get 20-30 ping alone, and on 16 tickrate (which also fluctuates a lot with more players on) I get 60 alone. With 40 people on I, alongside the other players, I get around 130+ ping.

I was wondering if this was due to any rates, and if so, what?

My rates are:

(Also if I get banned again for this being in the wrong forums again kms, WHERE IS IT MEANT TO GO DAMNIT. -.-)

You got addons that are poorly optimized and run slow. Something is also sending a ton of usermessages over the network.

Get FProfiler if you need in-depth information about execution times and calls.

Tried to use FProfiler but I’m not entirely understanding it, CAC Anticheat seems to be taking up a lot of… time? Is that normal?

leave cac be, dont be worrying about it

Hey, could you post a screenshot of the profiling results either here or in SF support? I have not been able to get hold of performance stats with a large-ish numbers of players.

then you can share your profiling results since you are so quick to dismiss it.

I think your rates are really weird but frankly I don’t know enough about them to give you a better example, maybe someone who knows more can (or can tell me I’m wrong)

Wish FProfiler didn’t basically crash my server
Tested with 38 people on, few CAC things in here:

Currently have 39 people on and 14 tickrate, everyone’s ping is over 150 D:

The internet that the server has may be very low for the ammount of players on the server.
Try to ask the host to get a better internet connection.
That may fix it.
Or its either the server performance, wich i dont think it as you have just described it.

You’re making your tickrate and network rates so damn low that even on an empty server it would feel like shit. Jack your minrate/maxrate through the roof and don’t touch anything else.

Pings on the scoreboard also don’t mean anything at all, your real latency is only reported through the status command.

Yeah the real latency is what I’ve seen through status and on my personal net_graph. I keep having to lower tickrate because it basically just goes completely unstable if it’s not low enough.

Also what would you suggest the rates to be?

Well as far as your maxrate/minrate which are essentially a bandwidth limit for your source client, just set the min and maxrates to 1048576 and don’t touch anything else.

Playing on a sub 33 tick server is also horrible, there’s no real point in lowering the tickrate that low unless you’re trying to reduce load on the rest of the box.

I tried leaving the server on 33 tickrate, though as soon as we got above 30 players the server started spiking horribly and was almost unplayable, the sv dropped down to 2 then back up over and over again.