Net Library: Sending Large Tables

At what point would sending a large table to the client via net messages become problematic?
I assumed it could when the table becomes rather large, which what I’m working on has potential to do.
To give you a better idea of what I mean, I’m working on a sort of posting system. It saves the message, the author, and the steam id for every post.
So I feel after a while the table containing the posts could become very large, and I fear that may become an issue.

I’m thinking I may want to think of a different system here for sending post information to the client.

64kb max per net msg

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Could always split it and send individually

So for splitting the table, would I want to turn the table into a string and split it up from there and then send it to the client? Or is there a more efficient method for splitting a table?

I always just split the table every 64 indexes or so, try that.

Alright I’m gonna start working on that, thanks for the information!