Net library versus concommands

I have a quick question regarding sending information from client to server.

I would like to essentially send a very small amount of information (consider maybe just an int or boolean) from the client to the server. The way I understood it, the usual players in garrysmod 12 for data communication were the umsg library (for S -> C) and then console commands (for C -> S).

However, with the introduction of the net library and it’s awesome ability for bidirectional messages, I’m wondering if the net library should always be used? Is one method (concommand or net) more efficient under certain scenarios than the other?

Depends on the application. I’d rather use a net message for something like telling the server a client wants to see what items they have in their inventory… but I’d rather use a concommand to tell the server that the client wants to drop an item in the inventory.

I personally recommend the use of the ‘Net Library’ over con-commands.
The data can be transferred a bit more securely( and I think faster too )

It doesn’t always have to be used, but it keeps things constant, and makes it so people can’t find the console command and run it them self.

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By the way, how is LiquidRP update coming along?

Thanks guys. I guess since there doesn’t seem to be a fairly big motivator for using net messages in my case (considering the small size of my data), I think I may just use con commands and do some validity checking server side.

Thanks for asking MrGregsWorld, pretty good I’d say. My reason for posting this question was in fact because I was changing how stamina experience is given - previously, stamina experience was given every 300 seconds if the player’s position had changed. Now I’m trying to make it based on how the player is moving, updated much more frequently.