Net Message Security

So, I am wondering if variables sent from server to client over net messages are secure or not. I do not think that they are, but I just want to make sure.

what do you mean by secure, is the question.

What do you mean by secure?

If a client can run lua (sv_allowcslua 1, exploits, etc.) they can read whatever you’re sending, if that’s what you’re asking.

Sorry if I wasn’t specific enough. What I meant by secure was that are clients on a server able to read variables sent over a net message by the server?


Okay, thanks for the reply.

Yes to only the person you send it to, I looks like you’re asking if ANY client can read the variable, in which case no. Only the client you send the message to can receive and read its data.

I was talking about the former. So, the answer to my question is yes. Okay, thanks.