Net messages, user messages, are they resource intensive?

Hi all,

I am trying to do a check from a clients vgui panel where it checks the DTextEntry value if it matches a value on the server. I am using the OnTextChanged function so it gets called every time the person writes something in the DTextEntry. The reason I want to do the check on the server is because the data is sensitive ( contains passwords ) so I do not want to give the client any password information so it checks on the client.

But I wanted to know, would it be resource intensive ( server or client ) if I keep sending usermessages to the server and client or sending net messages to the server and client.

OR if you know a better way to check information on the server with data sent from the client and return something back to the client


Depends on how much data your sending at once and how many messages your sending.

It’s just like think hooks, the more you use, the more intensive it gets.

I don’t see anything wrong with using the net library for this. Should achieve what you want with no problems. I wouldn’t suggest using user messages though, they’re becoming more of ‘a thing of the past’. You’d be better off using the net library which is newer and more efficient.

Also, like LUModder stated, it also depends in how much data your sending. That will determine how resource intensive it is.

I wouldn’t do it with each character change, although it wouldn’t explode your server.

please to don’t forget to hash and salt your “sensitive data”

Encrypt, surely?

Why exactly do you need to be able to get the plain text password back?


i am clearly a hacker

I wouldn’t say you’re a very good hacker; net.WriteInt takes two arguments.

And the player entity is automatically sent…:v:

did you take me seriously

oops… I suspected that maybe I hadn’t read properly just after I posted it but by then I’d already practically shut the machine off for the night…