net messaging logging serverside

hi, how do i log net messages from clients that gets send to the server, and also being able to see the data of the net message like : net.Start(“lol”) net.WriteString(“lol”) net.SendToServer()

thanks in advance, this is extremely needed.

Detour net.Receive on server

code ?

hand over the code!!!
i don’t like people like you

local oldReceive = net.Receive;
function net.Receive(msg, ...)
    print("net messaged received!!! message; "..msg);
    return oldReceive(msg, ...);

sorry should have worded it differently sounded douchey. but does this script also show the data getting send?

only shows the message itself not the data getting send :/, if anyone know how to log the data aswell, thanks so much :DDD
also it doesnt log the messages from clients, only the server

No, for read data, you have to understand the message…
Or surprise me and detour ALL writetypes :v