net.send client to server

Hi all I decided to try something new in which until I haven’t needed.

I am trying to send a net message from a client side file to a server side. I wondered if anyone could help me as it seems to not be working.

LoadoutMenu3.DoClick = function()
		net.Start( "testing1" )

util.AddNetworkString( "testing1" )
net.Receive( "testing1", function(len, pl)
		print("This script works.")

Thanks for any help.


Are you sure the code is loaded correctly on the server- and clientside?
The code is fine

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I am running the client side stuff from a derma menu. Would this be the issue?

What isn’t working? Tell us what happens and what doesn’t.

I don’t receive any kind of outputs. eg: print(“This script works.”) So that leads me to think it isn’t working.

And you’re looking at the server’s console for the output?

if SERVER then
util.AddNetworkString( “testing1” )
net.Receive( “testing1”, function(len, pl)
print(“This script works.”)

if CLIENT then
LoadoutMenu3.DoClick = function()
net.Start( “testing1” )

put in autorun/myfile.lua or something like that. Should work.

Are you sure that LoadMenu3 is in the scope?
Try adding a print into the DoClick function and see if that triggers

Got it working fine, it was an error on my part. It was involving another script.