net_maxfilesize is capped at 64mb… what about maps bigger then that?! is it a source engine thing or garry being retarded again… is there a way to hook onto that cvar? maybe using a serverside dll?

It is annoying that the max file size is 64mb, I don’t really know if its garry or Source engine, but I think its the source engine.

i think it’s the source engine also… should be a way to change that tho

Bigger than 64MB files are usually handled through fastdownload with a reason unless you want your players to be able to play on your server when they have grandchildren.

The limit could be bigger for those who can’t make a fastdownload, I admit.

Thing is, why would you really need a file bigger than 64mb. If it’s bigger than 64mb, you’re doing something seriously wrong. This includes maps.

Precisely, BZip is used for a reason.