Network optimisation

So I have a SENT that, when it shoots its weapon, spawns 2 effects in total and plays a sound

I’ve had a random idea to try and reduce the network strain:

  1. The weapon fires on the server, instead of spawning the effects and the sound serverside, the server sends a usermessage to all players containing the entity’s index.
  2. The clients receive the usermessage, and from the name of the usermessage the client knows it’s to make the effects spawn on the entity with the specified index.
  3. The clients spawn the effects and the sound on the client.

I don’t know much about usermessages and maybe I’m being too keen to optimise but would this usermessage thing be more optimised on the network than spawning these effects and sounds on the server?

This is what happens anyway. Doing it your own way would probably make it less efficient.

You don’t need to worry about optimising such simple things.
It’s only rapidly updating variables or conditions that you need to worry about (like sending each player’s damage for a scoreboard).